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LEE PERRY !!!Yes, i wll playing on the new album of reggae legend LEE PERRY, release date , early 2016!!!THE SAINTS (AUS):Hell yeah!, im going to do a gig with punkrock legends The Saints all the way from Australia during the Klikofefstival in Haarlem on the 17th of april 2015YANAGISAWA ENDORSER:Yeah I got a endorsemend with Yanagisawa!!!, what i great horn!!!!!THE BUSQUITOS KOREA & IRELAND TOUR OCTOBERComming up a 2 week tour in Korea with The Busquitos!!, and 15 gigs in Ireland in October!!META & THE CORNERSTONES (USA)Ill be doing some shows with the great META & THE CORNDERSTONES, playing at the Gnoua festival in Marroc and festival Mundial, Tilburg this summer!TOMMY TORNADO @ FREEDOM SOUNDS FESTIVAL KOLN (D)Yes... justed booked,... ill playing at the Freedom Sounds Festival in Koln in may 2014, backed by the German band The Clercks,....THOMAS STREUTGERS / TOM WHITE (UK) TOUR 2014 COMMING UPJanuary/februay 2014 ill be on tour to Engeland, Spain and Holland with my new jazzquartet, the Thomas Streutgers/Tom White quaret, feat Bill Mudges on organ and Pete Ibbetson on drums!THE XMAS BUSQUITOS TOUR 2013:Wll be on tour from 11th of dec tll 29th of dec with The XMAS BUSQUITOS, see the tourdates.........RECORDING RECORDING RECORIDNGNov 2013 wll be a lot of studio work for The Rootsriders, Jesse Bonell, Michel Brunnings and Frank4 to name a few....SPAIN WITH THE SOULSNATCHERSYessss 6th of December ill play with The Soulnatchers in Club Tempo, Spain!BITTY MCLEAN \ PAT KELLY (JAM) I'm going to do some shows with 2 reggae legends >>> Bitty McLean and Pat Kelly,...:25-07 - BITTY MCLEAN - Melkweg - Amsterdam26-07 - BITTY MCLEAN - Zwarte Cross - Lichtenvoorde27-07 - PAT KELLY - Zwarte Cross - LichtenvoordeGIG WITH THE BUSQUITOS IN TURKEYThe Busquitos wll play at the Karnavali Festiva, In Bodrum, Turkey on the 26th of June......TV SHOW DWDD POSTMENYeah!, on national TV next week (1st of may) with Postmen!! check DWDD on ned3 1st of may.CD RECORDINGS:March w'll be a busy month with CD recordings,....i'm recording with The Busquitos, Michael De Jong, The Soulsnatchers, Tom White (GB) and Postmen!THE X MAS BUSQUITOS:Ill do a christmas tour in dec with my band The Busquitos!!!! check >>\xmasbusquitos for more info,and the tourdates section for the tourdates ENDORSEMENT WITH LE MONDE SAXOPHONES:I got an endorsement deal with Le Monde Saxophones, check out their website for more information www.lemondesaxophones.comAFRO LATINO FESTIVAL, BREE (B) 24th of JUNE:Yes i'm booked at the Afro Latino Festival in Bree (B), other artists are >>> SHAGGY, ASWAD, ALPHA BLONDY and others......WORLD TOUR WITH THE TOASTERS A 2 month world tour is comming up end of this year,.... >> HAWAII, MAUI, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, INDONESIA, and the USA!!!CD RELEASE PARTY 9th MARCH 2012 , P60 AMSTELVEEN!:On the 9th of March, I'll present my new CD in the P60 Amstelveen, special guests that evening Mr.Tbone & The Young Lions all the way from Italy!COOL DOWN TOUR 2012:To promote the upcomming "Cool Down" album (release 24th feb 2012) there w'll be a nice tour!:10-02 - Pacific Parc - Amsterdam (NL)17-02 - De Supermarkt - Den Haag (NL)23-02 - Sorrico - Madrid (SPAIN)24-02 - Music Plaza De Torres - Murcia (SPAIN)25-02 - Laedad De Oro - Valencia (SPAIN)09-03 - P60 - Amstelveen (NL)21-03 - La Baladin - Piozzo (ITALY)22-03 - Leon Cavallo - Milano (ITALY)23-03 - Lo Sbarco - Torino (ITALY)24-03 - Sacripante - Ala Di Stura (ITALY)28-05 - Jazz In Duketown - Den Bosch (NL)24-06 - Afro Latin Festival - Bree (B)more tbaTOMMY TORNADO "Cool Down" TEASER:Check for more info about my new album "Cool Down", release data 24th Feb 2012 !!!THE TOASTERS WINTER TOUR 2011:I'll be on the road with The Toasters (USA) in Nov and Dec 2011 again, France, Spain, Germany and Holland >>> check the tourdates in the tourdates section.......ROTOTOM SPAIN 2011 !!!:Yes, I'll play on European biggest reggae festival, Rototom Sunsplash in Spain on 23rd of August,I'll be backed by the Spanish top reggae\ska band The Golden Singles!BRINSLEY FORDE ASWAD!!!!!!:Yes I'll do a show with the Dynamite Horns backing up the great front singer from ASWAD !!! Brinsley Forde at the Melkweg Amsterdam at the 11th of May 2011!BIG JAY MC NEELY'S R&B EXPLOSION:I'm doing some shows again with my great hero, the 84 year old King Of The Honkers saxophonist Big Jay Mcneely this summerthe tourdates are:30-06 - Jazzfestival - Ascona (CH)01-07 - Jazzfestival - Ascona (CH)02-07 - Jazzfestival - Ascona (CH)03-07 - Vache De Blues Festival - Audun le Tiche (F)THE TOASTERS (USA)Yes, got a call if I like to do 4 tours with The Toasters (USA) this year!,......... an offer I can't refuse !!!dates : 04-07 till 17-07 (Italy, Austria & the Balkan), 04-08 till 14-08 (England), 02-09 tm 11-09 (Germany, Belgium, Holland) and 01-12 tm 12-12 (France, Spain)TOMMY TORNADO & MR.TBONE (ITALY) DUO SHOWS:2 great shows comming up in feb,10-02-2011 - Willemeen - Arnhem (NL)11-02-2011 - P60 - Amstelveen (NL)Tommy Tornado & Mr.Tbone backed by Rude Rich And The Highnotes!!!MR.TBONE (ITALY)I'm guest on the new CD from the great trombonist\vocalist MR.TBONE from Italy!STUDIO TIME:Working a lot in the studio this months (october nov\dec 2010), I doing recordings for Mr.Tbone (Italy), Winston Francis (Jamaica), The Toasters (USA), Oscar Harris (NL), The Soulsnatchers (NL), Slimmah Soundsystem (NL\F), Dubcreator (NL), King Kong (Jamaica), Big Jay McNeely (USA) and last but not least for the next Tommy Tornado album!!!!!, keep you posted!! beside all those recordings we're gonna master the live recording we (JZZZZZP) did with the great Big Jay McNeely, soon to be released!!!!! JAPAN !!!!:Yes, great news, I'm gonna play in JAPAN on the 7th of August!We (Rude Rich & The Highnotes) are invited to play on the biggest ska festival in Japan, the Tokyo Ska Jamoree wich is organized by no.1 ska band from Japan, The Toyko Ska Paradise Orchrestra!!!!!!!!!!! looking forward to this event......."SUNRISE" OUT ON THE 11th OF JUNE IN GERMANY, AUSTRIA AND ZWITSERLAND!Pork Pie records w'll be releasing the "Sunrise" album on CD an vinyl in Germany, Austria and Zwitserland on the 11th of June 2010, distribution w'll be done by Broken Silence.THE TOASTERS (USA)I'm gonna join 3rth wave ska legends The Toasters from the USA for some dates in june!VINYL VERSION "SUNRISE" ON JUMP UP RECORDS (USA):My album "Sunrise" w'll be released on vinyl beginning 2010 in the USA by Jump Up Records!TRIJNTJE OOSTERHUIS:On the 28th of January 2010 I'll be playing a gig with Trijntje Oosterhuis in De Melkweg, Amsterdam!!TV SHOW "DE WETENSCHAPSQUIZ":Got some tv recordings in November for the TV Show "De Wetenschapsquiz" w'll be playing there with the up tempo ska band The Beatbusters!LAURA VANE & THE VIPERTONES (UK\NL) WOMAD FESTIVAL:I'll be joining the great Laura Vane & The Vipertones for one gig at the Womad Festival inGran Canaria on the 13th of November check for more info.DISTRIBUTION "SUNRISE" ALBUM & NEW BOOKING AGENCY:My album w'll be ditributed in Spain by Liquidator Music, and in the USA by Jump Up Records, world wide online distribution w'll be done by the German Soulfire Artists, I also got a new booking agency for the Tommy Torando shows, Boombax Music!THE DYNAMITE HORNS ON THE NEW POSTMAN ALBUM:The Dyanmite Horns are on the new album from rapper Postmam, check for some audio......HAARLEM JAZZSTAD MAIN STAGE!!!!Yesssssss I'll playing on the main stage at the Haarlem Jazz Festival on 22th of August from 20:45 t'll 21:45 backed by The Highnotes.Take a look at for more information about this great festival.THE HEPTONES (JAM) TOUR, POLAND, SWEDEN, SCHOTLAND:A little tour is comming up with the legendary Heptones from Jamaica in August,We w'll be playing in 3 countries in only 3 day's!Dates:07-08-2009 - One Love Reggae Festival - Krotoszyb (POLAND)08-08-2009 - Uppsala Reggae Festival - Uppsala (SWEDEN)09-09-2009 - The Ferry - Glasgow (SCHOTLAND) VALKHOF AFFAIRE:I'll be playing on the Valkhof Affaire Festival on the 22th July 2009, during the 4 Daagse in Nijmegen.Check: for the complete line up.NEW SINGLE THE POSTMAN "SMILE":Check and download the single "Smile" for free, feat The Dynamite Horns!CD RELEASE PARTY 22th May 2009 , PACIFIC PARC, AMSTERDAM:What more can I say!! >>>> music, fresh drinks , DJ's, party all night long!!!!!!!!!!!, buy my new CD, and free entrance!!!!!MY CD RELEASED BY RUDE RICH RECORDS AND DISTRIBUTED BY SONIC RENDEVOUZ: Great news, my new CD "Sunrise" w'll be released at Rude Rich Records, and distributed by Sonic Rendezvous.RUDE RICH & THE HIGHNOTES 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY:What a great night !!!!!Check it outthe 4th of April 2009, P60, Amstelveen (NL)No.1 DJ FROM JAMAICA, DENNIS ALCAPONE feat. WINSTON REEDY:Great news, I'm gonna do 2 shows with the legendary DJ "Dennis Alcapone" & singer Winston Reedy, backed by Rude Rich & The Highnotes.Dates are:30-01-2009 - P60 - Amstelveen (NL)31-01-2009 - De Warande - Turnhout (B)For more info HEPTONES !!!!!In 2007 i've toured with the legendary Heptones, now i've got the great pleasure to do a gig with them again!The date is:18-03-2009 - Het Depot - Leuven (B)Do you want to see how it was back in 2007, check those cool links: SESSIONS FOR KING SHILOH SOUNDSYSTEM Feat. EARL 16Last week I did a recording session with the Dynamite Horns Section (check for the King Shiloh Soundsystem.We did 4 tracks for King Shiloh (2 with UK based reggae star Earl16 !!!), and 2 other tracks for Slimmah Soundsystem,Check their website's for more!/tommytornado